Vyacheslav L. Lozitsky

- about itself

Sort from Pinsk, from a family of employees. Since 1970 i studied atschool № 11. After its termination it was trained in PTU-137 as "milling-machine operator". In 1981-1983 i served in Armed forces. I worked as the machine operator at «Kamerton» - plant - NPO «Integral» branch in Pinsk. In 1984 i arrived for study for department of history of the Belarusian state university in Minsk which successfully finished the certified specialist. It was distributed for work in school № 1 of Pinsk where worked within twenty years. There was the winner of city and regional competitions of professional skill of teachers "A teacher of year" (1992, 1997) . In 1997 i became the superfinalist of republican competitionin Minsk. In 2008 i defended the dissertation on competition of an academic degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences on the subject "Scientific and methodical bases of application of electronic tutorials on stories of Belarus at the third step of the general secondary education". I work on the doctoral dissertation. I am married, two children.

office career
- teacher of history of public institution of education school № 1 of Pinsk (1989-2009);
- associate professor of the humanities, philosophies and rights of  Polesye State University (2009-2010);
- the head of the department of the humanities, philosophies and the rights of Polesye State University (2010-to the present).

the taught disciplines:
- fundamentals of psychology and pedagogics;
- pedagogics;
- modern pedagogical technologies;
- social psychology in tourism;
- history of Belarus;
- The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people in the context of World War II;
- office-work.

awards and encouragement
-rank«Excellent student of formation of Republic of Belarus» (1992);
-certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus (1997);
- the winner of awards of Special fund of the President of Republic of Belarus in social support of gifted pupils and students «For a personal contribution to development of abilities of talented youth" in 1999, 2005;
- thehonourable diploma of  Pinsky city executive committee for high achievements in the field of education – «The person of year» (2004);
- diplomaPolesye State University (2013).

literature, music of all styles, cinema.